Life. DEV. Sex - Issue #5 No Time To Grieve (1)





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No time to grieve. #1 - Heartbreak
I talk about it like it didn’t get to me
But it opened me up like vasectomy.
I cuss underneath my breath in soliloquy
Wishing for what can’t be, oh how I wish we didn’t get to meet.
First date, butterflies flourished in my belly,
These days my tummy feels like a graveyard.
I walk around our mutual folks with my head high
Chin up, but my spirit low,
Teetotaler, but these days
I want to drown my body soul, and spirit in alcohol
I talk about it like it didn’t get to me, like it doesn’t get to me still,
But it opened me up like vasectomy
These days, when I fall in-love, I feel sterile about it all.
…sorry I yelled.

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Cirphrank @cirphrank

I am certain of this: I have not the slightest idea if you'll love this.
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